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Welcome to AL-HASSAN MOTORS [AL-HASSAN MOTORS [AHM JAPAN], your number one source for all types of Japanese used vehicles. We are dedicated to bringing you the best quality, with a focus on three characteristics, reasonable price, customer service, and long-term business relationship. Founded in 1993, AL-Hassan Motors [AL-HASSAN MOTORS [AHM JAPAN] has come a long way since its inception in [Tokyo, Japan]. Exporting cars and machinery for more than 27 years around the world with more than one million customers around the world from Asia to Europe. AL-HASSAN Motors [AL-HASSAN MOTORS [AHM JAPAN] is a member of all Japanese auctions, we are experts in selecting the right vehicle both [new and used vehicles] from Japanese auctions. We have left hand drive vehicles from Dubai UAE. stock and we also have our Dubai UAE office for left or right driving (all American, Japanese and German LHD or RHD vehicles are available from our Dubai stock). We hope you like our products as much as we like to offer them to you. Our energetic staff is always looking for your inquiry for 24/7/365 customer support via e-mail rashidalhassanmotors@gmail.com Whatsapp,00817077755999 Skype. rashidalhassanmotors and phones 00818095656837 Feel free to contact us +817077755999


AL-HASSAN MOTORS [AHM JAPAN] aims to build a lasting relationship with its customers by focusing on providing quality used Japanese cars and exceptional services.


AL-HASSAN MOTORS [AHM JAPAN]'s vision is to help car dealers, brokers, and individuals from all over the world find the best Japanese cars and ultimately became the world's leading Japanese used car seller.


AL-HASSAN MOTORS [AHM JAPAN] has highly competent workshops that ensure that our vehicle stock is made up of flawless and error-free vehicles. A thorough interior and exterior inspection is performed to repair scratches, dents, and other minor damage. A proper assessment of the steering and braking system is performed to make repairs and ensure safety.


AL-HASSAN MOTORS [AHM JAPAN] ensured that the engine compartment and chassis are thoroughly steam cleaned to remove mud, oil, dust and other unwanted elements. Cars are parked at our yard to check for rust, corrosion, broken boots and gaskets, and oil or water leaks. The vehicle's engine, transmission, fluid levels, and cooling system are properly checked using efficient diagnostic tools.


AL-HASSAN MOTORS [AHM JAPAN] conducts proper car quality checks through the Japanese vehicle classification system to ensure that Japanese vehicles are delivered to our customers in high quality. Vehicle inspection is done at the port shipyard by certified inspectors. AL-HASSAN MOTORS [AHM JAPAN]'s ongoing quality control and assurance program enables us to deliver cars of the highest quality.


At AL-HASSAN MOTORS [AHM JAPAN] we provide a completely repaired and reconditioned vehicle that gives you not only a new look, but also a smooth driving feel. Our qualified team of mechanics addresses all mechanical problems on vehicles. Customers can also request any other mechanical adjustments they may need on their vehicles.